John Andrew Whitlock

      11 May 1944
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I was the Project Manager for the (CSIRO DBCE) Fire Technology Program's Technology Transfer section from 1990 and was responsible for promoting and marketing research and development projects to industry and government. Work in the last few years included developing and promoting the CSIRO FireSure Fire Safety Products Certification and Labelling Program.

I developed the mechanisms for improved dissemination of research results, together with managing the Quality Assurance system, the Calibration Laboratory, PC Support, and Electronics Laboratory for the fire technology program.

I developed the National Fire Incident Statistics project in collaboration with fire authorities and other collaborating groups in Australia and overseas.

My duties over the years included consulting with industry and government on problems, and providing both verbal and written advice in confidence to clients.

The following cross-section of my duties and experience demonstrates the various areas of my expertise.
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Technology Transfer Manager

Parliamentary Committee Inquiries

CSIRO National Fire Testing facilities redevelopment

Deputy Program Manager


FireSure Fire Safety Products Certification and Labelling Program

• As part of a senior team I developed concepts and proposals to management for the FireSure Fire Safety Products Certification and Labelling Program. The Program was authorised by the Minister for Science and Small Business and is the first instance of CSIRO’s logo being authorised for use on a third party product.
 I was the primary coordinator for initiating the program. The manager we selected introduced the specification requirement into tender documents for the Prince of Wales Hospital development, Sydney Casino and Bankstown Hospital.

Consulting to industry & government

• Consults to industry and government on specific aspects of fire performance and compliance with regulations with emphasis on combustibility;

Spokesman - media

• Appeared on live and prerecorded television programs for interviews on fire related items such as flammability of furniture and domestic smoke problems;
Channel 9 Today Show interviewed with Keith Jordan of Furniture Manufacturers Guild, by George Negus;
Channel 7  11AM  program presented by Ann Sanders on aspects of CSIRO Fire research with Backpackers Fire, World Arson Congress special burn and interpretation of data leading to call for installation of smoke detectors;
Assisted various news and special filming events with background information and “best shots” suggestions for crews)
• Assisted scripting and final approval negotiations with CSIRO Legal for client video of Facade fire tests and demonstration;

• Negotiated withdrawal of marketing video by client where the promotion was based on misinterpretation of CSIRO reports and negotiated a rewrite and re-release to satisfy all parties. (confidential client).

• Reviewed script details regarding fire for a Beyond 2000 production for the Discovery Channel and negotiated CSIRO credit listing (est audience 93 million )

Expert witness in State and Federal courts in fire matters

• Appeared in state and federal courts as an expert witness on fire matters related to product performance and planning issues;

Building Code of Australia

• Involved with drafting fire aspects of the Building Code of Australia and was a member of the Division's Building Regulations Task Force;
• Responsible  for publication of the Directory of Tested Products to support the BCA and regulators through the BCAider expert system;

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Fire Technology Program Public Relations

• One of the major presenters for the Fire Technology Program at conferences, seminars, training courses and general familiarisation lectures and discussions;

• Presentation design and support for Fire Technology Program members.

• Hosted international visits to the Fire Science & Technology Centre at a range of levels including Ministerial and technological delegations: -

 Malaysia, China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Korea, Japan,
CIB (multi-national group), USA, Canada, UK.
• Organised and hosted first International Fire Safety Conference 1992 for the FORUM for International Co-operation on Fire Research including use of Internet for organisation of international management team, speakers, submission of papers. (This was specifically referenced in a paper by NIST Librarian Nora Jason as an example of forthcoming Internet uses)

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Ongoing consulting advice to Australian industry such as:
• Review design proposal for Sydney Airport Rail Link to the New Southern Railway with regard to fire safety and personally undertook the egress analysis from the tunnel in the event of a collision and fire in the tunnel using computer modelling. Prepared internal briefing for further studies by other staff of fire and smoke control systems involving fires at platform and concourse levels of stations using Computational Fluid Dynamics analyses.
• Tangara railway carriage acquisition contract to SRA  - fire behaviour criteria inadequately specified in tender. Assisting contract acquittal between contractor and SRA to mutual satisfaction re fire safety.
• NSW State Rail Authority (SRA) to improve contract specifications and documentation, and on railways fire safety generally.
• Measure and interpret radiant heat emissions from a Liquid Gas Flare in an Industrial plant to determine compliance with contract specifications and advise on potential corrective mechanisms to provide minimum cost rectification work to satisfy all parties (Project manager, design contractor, manufacturing engineer, various consultants, plant owner, and safety officer)
• Radiant Heat Assessments on major development projects in central business districts to reduce fire exposure hazards to and from surrounding buildings.
• Lightweight external cladding manufacturers regarding combustibility interpretation aspects under building regulations where materials are innovative and do not readily fit the concepts of existing regulations.
• Appearing as an expert witness in the Federal Court of Australia on behalf of industry clients to explain science of fire and testing methods to the court.
• Appearing in NSW Land and Environment Court (as a court of appeal against building regulations restrictions) to clarify fire safety aspects of developments.

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National Fire Industry Training & Development Project Inc.

• CSIRO member on the committee which was the Competency Standards Body for the fire industry.
• Member of subcommittees including the Fire Education Providers Network, and reference groups for competencies, and training modules;
• Participated in workshops to identify required competencies and to develop training standards and course modules.

Teaching - TAFE (Fire Tests) University, CFB, Defence, AFPA

• Teaching with the NSW Technical And Further Education Department (TAFE), Building & Construction Industry Training Division, in the field of fire technology and especially Fire Tests (Developed subject matter, presentation and course documentation);
• Lectures to university classes, government bodies (such as Commonwealth Fire Board and Department of Defence), general fire safety courses and industry fire safety training courses through the Australian Fire Protection Association.

Syllabus commentator

FireSure Fire Safety Products Certification and Labelling Program


Standards Association of Australia

• Past  member of and deputy to many fire and acoustics committees with Standards Australia including:
FC/-         Fire Tests Committee
FP/3         Portable fire extinguishers
FP/5         Australian Fire Incident Reporting System
FP/10       Terms and Definitions
BD/18       Fire Tests on Building Materials, Components & Structures
BD/18/1    WG on Combustibility (Convener)
EL/3/13     Cables for use in Limited Fire Conditions
EL/3/15     Methods of Test for Electric Cables and Cords
EL/37        Special Wiring Systems
PL/9          Fire Tests for Plastics
TX/13        Burning Behaviour of Textiles
TX/15        Hospital Textiles
AV/-          Acoustics Committee
AV/2         Acous. Instrumentation & Measurement Techniques
AV/4         Architectural Acoustics;

Commonwealth Fire Board

• Deputised for CSIRO's member of the Commonwealth Fire Board (Australian Government);

• Drafted documents for revision of Fire Safety Circulars;

Australian Assembly of Fire Authorities

• Deputised for Program Manager as member of various committees of AFAC.

• CSIRO member of National Fire Industry Training and Development Project.

• Negotiated with AFAC members in SAA committee FP/5 for the Australian Fire Incident Reporting System (AS 2755) (similar to NFIRS in US) to satisfy needs and differences of all fire services in Australia.

• Negotiated Memorandum of Understanding with the Australian Assembly of Fire Authorities to cooperate in the collection and publication of the Australian National Fire Statistics based on AS2755 using incident data collected by each contributing Fire Service.

Internal Committees

• Floor Warden, Main building
• Occupational Health and Safety Committee. Staff Representative
• Industrial Participation Committee. Staff Representative. (Also deputised as Management representative in past)
• Divisional Management Committee. Deputy member.
• Site Redevelopment Communications Committee.
• Riverside Corporate Park Site Industrial Participation Committee. Staff Representative.

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NATA assessor

• Assessor with the National Association of Testing Authorities (NATA) in the field of Temperature Measurements and Computer-aided Measurement Systems; (assessed various laboratories in confidence for compliance with NATA requirements)

ISO delegate

• Past  Australian delegate to the International Standards Organisation's TC/92 (Fire Tests) committee and subcommittees.

Standards Australia Committees

• Member of FP/3, FP/5, BD/18/1, EL/3/13, EL/3/15, EL/37, TX/13, TX/15 and FP/10 and a deputy member of BD/18 and PL/9. Convenor of BD/18/1. (For an explanation of these see Committee Memberships)

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Fire testing -  laboratory and supervision

• Industry participation, laboratory operation, and supervision of fire resistance tests on structural elements of buildings and fire tests on materials within the CSIRO's North Ryde Fire Laboratories, undertaken to AS1530 parts 1-5 and some tests to BS476, ASTM, ISO, NFPA, UL and other standards;

• Direct involvement with the development of Australian and international fire test standards through Standards Australia and ISO committees;

• Extensive liaison with industry and government on fire and acoustical performance and testing.

Acoustics testing

• Laboratory acoustical testing for industry and government research and development of standards and measurement technology;

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Instrumentation background

• Supervision of the Electronics and Calibration support group for the Fire Technology Program following 8 years experience as Scientific Instruments Officer for the Laboratories;


• Used and developed computer software, techniques and systems since 1967;

• Experienced with languages (BASIC, Fortran, etc), wordprocessors, spreadsheets, databases, graphics, DT publishing, web publishing (including HTML coding), batch and scripting. Troubleshooter for programmers.

• Was President of Australia's oldest personal computer association, the Microcomputer Enthusiasts' Group, Sydney (MEGS) for 10 years;

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Clubs, Associations, Other Interests

Designed and constructed battery powered datalogger for JA Irvine and Co.
Designed and constructed EFH Evaluator for EBS

Electronics (data logging, interfacing, measurements)
Computing (construction, assembly, peripherals, software)
Programming (BASIC, FORTRAN,- exposed to COBOL, APL, FORTH, various assemblers for uPs, batch, scripting, etc)
Photography (Hasselblad, Pentax, Konica, Minolta, 3D photography, digital still cameras {Sharp, Casio, Sony}, video)

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John Andrew WHITLOCK
and see contact details
Consultant -{Principal},  JA Whitlock & Co
Bachelor of Arts (Physics, Electronics), Macquarie University.  1972
LAOCP- Limited Amateur Operators Certificate of Proficiency. (Amateur Radio)
Family farm in the Watagan Mountains.

Extensive bush travelling over 28 years, camping from a Landrover -eg Central Australia, Flinders, Lake Eyre, Pilbara, Gibb River Road, Willandra Lakes, Fraser Island, Snowy River, etc.

Overseas travel including 12 months in South American countries (as a child), Ohio and New York USA, toronto & Ottawa Canada, Shanghai & Beijing China and Singapore.

Small business manufacturing microscope slides.

Extensive hobby computer hardware and software, electronics, amateur video and eclectic tastes in music.

Mercedes-Benz Car Club and maintaining old cars.

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Contact details:

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