Sedgewick-Rafter style slideWHITLOCK Sedgewick-Rafter
Style Microscope Slide Using a Whitlock Sedgewick-Rafter style slide the counting is performed with a microscopic examination of a measured
sample of liquid. Calculations are made following the count.

Each WHITLOCK Sedgewick-Rafter style slide features:

  • 1.0 mm depth
  • 1.0 ml capacity
  • flotation egg count design.
  • several thin top-pieces including 0.3mm, 0.6mm, clear OHP transparency film (<0.1mm)
  • simple calculations
  • no graduation lines

  • ( the method relies on special counting  graticules in the microscope optics (Whipple eye-piece, etc)).
  • construction to satisfy STANDARD METHODS For the Examination of Water and Wastewater 15th Edition prepared and published jointly by the American Public Health Association, American Water Works Association and Water Pollution Control Federation. (Biological Examination [1000]- Plankton. )
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    JA Whitlock & Co make a range of worm egg counting slides including
    WHITLOCK McMASTER -3 x 0.3ml chambers,    WHITLOCK PARACYTOMETER - 2 x 0.6ml chambers,
    WHITLOCK UNIVERSAL - 4 x 0.5ml chambers,  STP, SFELO, Sliding Top.

    The slides were designed, developed and are wholly made in Australia and sold throughout Australia and overseas.
    Custom slides available.

    PRICE and Ordering information

    Slides can be easily ordered by sending a written order and cheque to the address below.
    Please include, along with your address, your telephone contact number.
    Contacting us.....
    specification sheet 2K/07

    JA Whitlock & Co PO Box 51, EASTWOOD NSW 2122, AUSTRALIA     ABN 70 033 804 404
            phone  (02) 9638 1142                                e-mail
    international 61 2 9638 1142                            website

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