A Brief Illustrated History of John Whitlock, ... with captions

Building research scientist, John Whitlock, enjoyed 32 years with CSIRO in measurement technology, acoustics and fire research.
A CSIRO fire consultancy took John to the gas fields of Karratha, WA
to measure radiant heat from a flare burner.

It was so intense that his computer melted.

Opportunity knocked several times during his career. John is now a self-employed consultant in fire science and technology. 

Recent consultancies include:

John combines interests in outback travel and technology. 
Camping can look simple in the bush. John has a 4WD for access, a groundsheet for shade, and plenty of food and drink to provide an escape from a sometimes hectic work schedule. He also carries spares and extra provisions in case of problems in remote areas. The outback can be unforgiving to the unprepared.
John and his wife Judy has travelled extensively in the bush over 28 years. They camp with a Landrover in remote areas such as Central Australia, Flinders Ranges and Lake Eyre, the Pilbara and Gibb River Road, Willandra Lakes, Fraser Island and Snowy River.
On John's property at Watagan NSW the Friesian/Poll Hereford cross-breed provides a source of excellent beef and the herds are easy to manage.
"Moo goes there?" 

John is the manufacturer of specialised veterinary microscope slides

The original McMaster worm egg counting chamber was invented by John's father in 1939. John continues to manufacture it along with other improved models.
The slides are used by laboratories, vets, and farmers throughout Australia and many parasite-infested areas of the world.

Old '55.

John enjoyed his 1999 birthday all day in a Bufori.

John's first car -

a 1929 Nash Cabriolet  One of his present cars
is a classic 1971 Mercedes Benz 300SEL3.5
John has an interest in cars and is a member of the Mercedes-Benz Car Club of NSW.

John was struck by the combination of history, science and travel in modern Shanghai. The ancient Yu Gardens [Yu Yuan] are flanked by the high technology Oriental Pearl Tower and the tallest skyscraper in the world.

Overseas travel including 12 months in South American countries (as a child), Ohio and New York USA, Toronto & Ottawa Canada, Shanghai & Beijing China and Singapore.
Lone photographer (John) waiting for sunset over the sandhills near Mungo in the Willandra Lakes Region of western NSW, a World Heritage listed area.
Some of John's many other interests include computers and photography.
A digital still camera and a video camera provide direct input to the computer whilst a scanner acquires older print photographs.
  3D photography is becoming simpler and digital cameras make the photographic process cheaper.
The above pair of photographs is an old-style stereoscope.
Look "through" them towards the horizon (or far distance). The two images will tend to merge.
It may assist if you hold a piece of paper or card from your nose to the gap between the two photos so that each eye only sees one image. The third dimension will pop into view suddenly. Some people have difficulty merging the images to one picture.
An alternate technique is to cross your eyes until the two images overlap.
Panoramic photos can be "stitched" together electronically from multiple originals

DATE OF BIRTH: 11 May 1944
ADDRESS: 13 Ungarra Street, Rydalmere NSW 2116
phone (02) 9638 1142 fax (02) 9638 1131
e-mail john@whitlock.com.au
PRESENT POSITION: Consultant -{Principal}, JA Whitlock & Co
(website www.whitlock.com.au )
EDUCATION: Bachelor of Arts (Physics, Electronics), Macquarie University. 1972
Society of Fire Safety Committee, (1999-2000)
Heritage Council Of NSW - Fire, Access and Services Advisory Panel
Mercedes Benz Club of NSW
John's detailed curriculum vitae can be seen at the Internet web site:

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